Lakeside Bar & Restaurant

Lakeside Bar & Restaurant Mezzanine


Suspended on a quiet mezzanine above the Lakeside Bar & Restaurant, our private dining space gives you the best of both worlds: all the atmosphere of a bustling bar with the calm sophistication of an intimate restaurant.

Quiet and secluded enough to talk business or share a private moment without feeling stuffy and formal, the mezzanine can accommodate up 26 seated guests.

Perfect for a special occasion with family or friends, candlelit tables are set with polished silverware and glasses that sparkle in the light, while the sound of laughter and conversation punctuates the air.

Sitting above the main bar area with its high windows and exposed brickwork, the mezzanine is decorated with golden tones and features elaborate detailing. Occupying the huge space where the engines formerly stood the design subtly references Lakeside’s industrial past, making it a fascinating and stylish place for your get together.



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